NJ Traffic Crash Data

The first 5 plots below come from NJ State Police fatal crash data (2008-present). It's generally current to the previous day.

Below that are plots of NJ DOT raw crash data, which includes 6MM property-damage, injury, and fatal crashes from 2001-2021. It's a richer dataset, but less up to date.

Work in progress map of NJDOT data: 5 years (2017-2021) of fatal and injury crashes in Hudson County:

New Jersey Car Crash Deaths

New Jersey Car Crash Deaths

Click/Double-click the legend labels to toggle or solo each type.

2021 and 2022 were the worst years in the NJSP record (since 2008), with 697 and 689 deaths, resp.

As of Mar 3, 2024 has 94 reported deaths, and is on pace for 630, exceeding 2023's 614.

NJ Traffic Deaths per Year

NJ Traffic Deaths per Year

Some data arrives weeks or months after the fact, so current year numbers are especially subject to change.

NJ Traffic Deaths vs. Homicides

NJ Traffic Deaths vs. Homicides

Traffic crashes kill 1.5-2x as many people as homicides in NJ.

Homicide data comes from NJ State Police and Disaster Center.

NJ DOT Raw Crash Data

NJ DOT publishes raw crash data, including property-damage, injury, and fatal crashes, going back to 2001 (≈6MM records).

The data currently ends in 2020, after a drop in all types of crashes due to COVID, and just before a spike in all crash types in 2021 and 2022 (based on the NJSP data above, and other sources). 2021 data should land in early 2023.

Code and data are on GitHub; feedback / issues here).