Jersey City Protected Bike Lane + Ward Map maps of JC ward boundaries, protected bike lanes, possible and planned bike lanes, Citi Bike stations, and roads.

NJ Traffic Crash Data analysis of NJ State Police and NJDOT crash data

Plot of NJ car crash deaths, 2008 to present

Citi Bike Dashboard interactive plots and stats about Citi Bike usage in NYC, Jersey City, and Hoboken.

Plot of Citi Bike rides per month

E-Bikes Are a Transportation Revolution blog about why you should get an e-bike, the micro-mobility revolution, and why cities should be rushing to help people convert car-trips.

Rally opposing NJ Turnpike Expansion videos and transcripts from an anti-turnpike-widening rally on November 12, 2022. See also

Jersey City Bicycle Master Plan web version of the PDF published (and passed by the JC Planning Board) in 2019.